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Prospects of Plant-Based Vaccines in Veterinary Medicine

Durata de citire: < 1 minut by Jacqueline MacDonald July 2018 This book provides an in-depth explanation of the advantages and current limitations of recombinant plant-made vaccines for use in veterinary

RSPCA Pet Guide: Care For Your Guinea Pigs

Durata de citire: < 1 minut by RSPCA May 2015 Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK’s leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice

Sheep, Goat, and Cervid Medicine, 3rd Edition

Durata de citire: 2 minute by David G. Pugh, A. N. Baird, Misty A. Edmondson, Thomas Passler February 2020 Get practical answers from the only guide on the care of sheep,


Durata de citire: 2 minute Adjuvant osteoreparator, antiinflamator şi rubefiant COMPOZIŢIE 100 g Osteocicatrat Gel conțin: Extract de Symphytum officinale (tătăneasă) 25 g; Extract de Chelidonium majus (rostopască) 25 g; Excipienţi