Control of Pig Reproduction VIII (Society of Reproduction and Fertility)

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by Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez (Editor), Adam J. Ziecik, Jeff L. Vallet, Nottingham University Press
Hardcover, 344 Pages, Published 2010

ISBN-10: 1-904761-39-9 / 1904761399
ISBN-13: 978-1-904761-39-6 / 9781904761396
Cod: vet1002

As a continuation of the earlier volumes in this series, the proceedings of the Eighth International Conference provide authoritative and up-to-date information on pig reproduction research. This volume, which contains manuscripts accompanying the state-of-the art lectures, the parallel sessions, and the expanded abstracts, provides an authoritative and up-to-date source of information on research in pig reproduction. This text is an invaluable resource for students, teachers, veterinarians, animal scientists, consultants, and technologists with an interest in all aspects of pig reproduction.

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