Food Safety Basic Concepts, Recent Issues,and Future Challenges

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by Jinap Selamat, Shahzad Zafar Iqbal
September 2016
Cod: vet1003

This book is designed to integrate the basic concepts of food safety with current developments and challenges in food safety and authentication. The first part describes basics of food safety, classification of food toxins, regulation and risk assessment. The second part focuses on particular toxins like mycotoxins, aromatic amines, heavy metals, pesticides, and polycyclic hydrocarbons. Recent developments and improvements in the detection of these contaminants are described. The third part deals with the authenticity and adulteration of food and food products, a topic which affects food trade on a national and international level.

Excellent source of knowledge for undergraduate and graduate students studying Food
Safety Covers regulations and limits for food toxins
Includes risk assessment and risk quantification

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