The Wisdom of the Hive: Social Physiology of Honey Bee Colonies

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by Thomas D. Seeley
Hardcover, 318 Pages, Published 1996
This is an amazing, truly wonderful book, undoubtedly the best piece of entomological literature I have read for some time. Seeley is one of the leading lights of the world of Honey Bee research and in this book he takes the reader on a fantastical journey into both the social world of the honey bee hive and also into world scientific research. In telling the story of how much of his seminal work was done, he succeeds in passing on his amassed insights and discoveries concerning the workings of this always fascinating animal in a highly readable manner. This book contains much that will be of interest to both lay persons, school students, teachers and undergraduates in entomology. You do not need any prior knowledge to get good value out of this book and whoever you are you will go away amazed and filled with wonder at the beauty of the Honey Bee Colony and its inner workings, and perhaps a little appreciation of how good science works.
Includes chapters on; The Honey Bee Colony an introduction, Foraging abilities of a colony, How a colony acquires information about food resources, How a colony act on this information, How a colony adjusts its nectar collecting rate, Regulation of comb construction, Regulation of pollen collection, Regulation of water collection, Overview. It also includes a 7 page glossary. All in all a brilliant book, I can not recommend it too highly, go out and get a copy and read it, you will have great difficulty putting it down.

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