Veterinary Allergy

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UFdV14IVeterinary Allergy
Chiara Noli, Aiden P. Foster, Wayne Rosenkrantz
ISBN: 978-0-470-67241-9
470 pages
January 2014
The current state of knowledge on this increasingly important subject is beautifully described in this, the first truly comprehensive text of allergic diseases affecting the major veterinary species. It will be an invaluable guide to students, clinicians and researchers alike. From the Foreword by Professor Richard Halliwell, MS, PhD, VetMB, MRCVS, Dip ACVD
Veterinary Allergy is the first comprehensive, high quality reference dealing with all aspects of veterinary allergy in all species and all body systems involved with allergy. Providing solid breadth and excellent depth of coverage, it deals with the immunopathology of the various allergic conditions as well as with clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of veterinary allergic diseases.
Key features:
Broad species coverage, organised by sections on dogs, cats, horses, and other domestic species including large animals, birds and small mammals
Provides details on diseases affecting the skin, respiratory tract and gut
Contains practical information for clinicians on management of allergic diseases7PFUhc6Includes fully-referenced high level detail suitable for specialists and researchers
Focused on evidence-based medicine and science
The editors have extensive experience and are respected as world-wide experts in the field
Every chapter is written by an expert in that particular topic
Anyone seeking information and references on any aspect of allergic conditions in any species should find this book helpful. The book will be of interest to clinicians in first opinion practice, specialists in veterinary dermatology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and immunology as well as specialists-in-training in those fields and veterinary students.