Atlas for the Diagnosis of Tumors in the Dog and Cat

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by Anita R. Kiehl, Maron Brown Calderwood Mays
August 2016

Cod: vet1078
Atlas for the Diagnosis of Tumors in the Dog and Cat is a diagnostic tool for determining if samples are abnormal and defining the cause of the abnormality, with 386 clinical images depicting normal and abnormal results, the book begins by describing specific types of neoplasia.

  • Offers a brief overview of the methods used to produce a diagnosis and prognosis from a biopsy tissue sample
  • Pairs photographs of biopsy samples with photomicrographs of cells obtained via fine needle aspirate
  • Includes a useful chapter covering sample handling, staining, and shipping

ISBN-13: 9781119051213
ISBN-10: 1119051215
Pagini: 248
Dimensiuni: 216 x 284 x 16 mm
Greutate: 0.93 kg
Editura: Wiley
Locul publicării: Hoboken, United States

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