Cancer Chemotherapy for the Veterinary Health Team

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by Kenneth Crump, Douglas H. Thamm
April 2011

Cod: vet1077
Cancer Chemotherapy for the Veterinary Health Team is a clinically relevant and practical manual designed as a guide for the safe and effective administration of cancer chemotherapy. Coverage includes patient assessment, chemotherapy equipment, drug preparation, safety considerations, handling, administration, waste disposal, and management of chemotherapy side effects. An alphabetical listing of common chemotherapy agents offers information on their uses, indications, and toxicities, as well as administration guidelines for methods, routes, and speeds.

With background information for effectively communicating with clients, including coverage of veterinary cancer surgery and radiation therapy, the book provides specific strategies that address the challenging emotional issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in pets. With particular insight into the technician’s role, Cancer Chemotherapy for the Veterinary Health Team is a must-have reference for any practice offering chemotherapy.


Contributors vii
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
1 Dispelling the Myths of Animal Cancer and Its Treatment 3
Douglas H. Thamm
2 Cancer Basics 15
Kenneth Crump
3 Preparation for Chemotherapy Administration 23
Kenneth Crump
4 Assessment of the Chemotherapy Patient 37
Kenneth Crump and Douglas H. Thamm
5 Chemotherapy Handling, Safety, and Disposal 57
Richard Allen and Kenneth Crump
6 Workflow for Chemotherapy Administration 71
Kenneth Crump
7 Chemotherapy Agents 93
Douglas H. Thamm
8 Management of Chemotherapy Side Effects 101
Douglas H. Thamm
9 Compassionate Client Communication 113
Erin Allen and Gail Bishop
Glossary 135
Index 141

ISBN-13: 9780813821160
ISBN-10: 0813821169
Pagini: 158
Dimensiuni: 169 x 250 x 9 mm
Greutate: 0.32 kg
Editura: Wiley
Locul publicării: Hoboken, United States

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