Cancer Management in Small Animal Practice

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by Carolyn J. Henry, Mary Lynn Higginbotham
December 2009

Cod: vet1080
Cancer Management in Small Animal Practice provides you with all the tools needed to diagnose, stage, and manage the many different disease entities known as “cancer.” This manual is designed to provide you with easy-to-access, clinically relevant details for complete care of the small animal cancer patient, while considering the needs, concerns, and capabilities of the client. It provides quick reference sections for information not included in current oncology texts, including drug interactions and resources for participation in clinical trials. All information is well referenced and the reference section on the accompanying website includes links to the original and related articles.

  • The latest information including diagnostic procedures, treatment modalities, and outcome predictions to help clients make the best decisions for their pets.
  • Expert contributors, renowned for clinical, as well as academic and research expertise, offer a wide breadth and depth of expertise.
  • Full-color format provides accurate visual depictions of specific diseases and procedures to enhance your diagnostic capabilities.
  • Key Points highlight critical information, enabling quick, easy access.
  • Systems approach to diagnosis and management offers logical, systematic, head-to-tail procedure for accurate diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
  • Extensive discussions of supportive care limit adverse events and increase patient survival and puts emergency information at the practitioner’s fingertips.
  • Suggested readings highlight the latest information for further investigation and research.
  • Comprehensive drug safety guidelines thoroughly discuss all information required to safely handle and administer cancer drugs.
  • Helpful drug formularies offer available formulations, recommended dosages, toxicities, and relative costs.
  • Chapter on how to access clinical trials provides helpful information and hope for patients and their caregivers.

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