Insect Resistance Management: Biology, Economics, and Prediction

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16 Insect Resistance Management Biology, Economics, and PredictionInsect Resistance Management: Biology, Economics, and Prediction
PUBLISHER: Academic Press | ISBN 10: 012373858X | 2007 | PDF | 320 pages | 2.1 Mb
Insects, mites, and ticks have a long history of evolving resistance to pesticides, host-plant resistance, crop rotation, pathogens, and parasitoids. Insect resistance management (IRM) is the scientific approach to preventing or delaying pest evolution and its negative impacts on agriculture, public health, and veterinary issues. This book provides entomologists, pest management practitioners, developers of new technologies, and regulators with information about the many kinds of pest resistance including behavioral and phenological resistance. Abstract concepts and various case studies provide the reader with the biological and economic knowledge required to manage resistance.

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