Manual of Exotic Pet Practice

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Mark Mitchell
Thomas Tully
The only book of its kind with in-depth coverage of the most common exotic species presented in practice, this comprehensive guide prepares you to treat invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, marsupials, North American wildlife, and small mammals such as ferrets, rabbits, and rodents. Organized by species, each chapter features vivid color images that demonstrate the unique anatomic, medical, and surgical features of each species. This essential reference also provides a comprehensive overview of biology, husbandry, preventive medicine, common disease presentations, zoonoses, and much more. Other key topics include common health and nutritional issues as well as restraint techniques, lab values, drug dosages, and special equipment needed to treat exotics.

COD: 005B

Hardbound, 552 Pages   – PDF  71.2MB
Published: February 2008
Imprint: Saunders
ISBN: 978-1-4160-0119-5

1. History of Exotic Pets
2. Preparing Your Hospital for Exotics
3. Invertebrates
4. Fish
5. Amphibians
6. Crocodilians
7. Snakes
8. Lizards
9. Chelonians
10. Birds
11. Marsupials
12. Mice and rats
13. Ferrets
14. Rabbits
15. Hamsters and gerbils
16. Hedgehogs
17. Guinea Pigs
18. Chinchillas
19. North American Wildlife


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