Notes on Feline Internal Medicine, 2nd Edition

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by Kit Sturgess
September 2013
Helping you get started with a problem solving approach to a sick cat. Notes on Feline Internal Medicine 2nd edition is part of a popular series specifically designed, through an accessible note-based style, to ensure veterinarians and students have quick and easy access to comprehensive and practical clinical and diagnostic information.
Distinct differences exist between cats and dogs not only in their physiology and metabolism but also in the way disease tends to present. This book is a short ‘pocket guide’ to feline internal medicine helping you to formulate a diagnostic plan and therapeutic strategy. The focus is on evidence-based medicine where available, otherwise current best practice is presented.
The book is divided into four sections:
Section 1 gives an overview of some key areas of feline medicine including paediatric and geriatric medicine.
Section 2 focuses on the approach to common presenting signs and differential diagnosis of commonly used haematologic and biochemical parameters.
Section 3 presents an organ system based approach
Section 4 covers feline infectious diseases.
A selection of useful texts and websites for further reading are included at the end of the book.
Stronger focus is placed on initial testing for a disease, and what changes might be expected.
Additional sections have been added on sedation and anaesthesia, health screening, oncology and emergency and critical care.
More diagrams added to aid understanding.
Care taken to avoid repetition and focus placed on common conditions.

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