Wolbachia: A Bug's Life in Another Bug (Issues in Infectious Diseases) (repost)

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14 Wolbachia A Bug's Life in Another BugWolbachia: A Bug’s Life in Another Bug (Issues in Infectious Diseases)
S. Karger AG (Switzerland) | 2007-06-30 | ISBN: 3805581807 | 150 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB
Wolbachia are Gram-negative bacteria that form intracellular inherited infections in many invertebrates. They are extremely common, with 20 75% of all insects being infected. Moreover, they infect numerous noninsect invertebrates including nematodes, mites and spiders. Approximately 120 million people are infected by filarial nematode parasites worldwide. Transmitted to humans through mosquitoes and black flies, the majority of the disease-causing nematodes are hosts to the Wolbachia bacteria. These nematodes cause the often devastating diseases elephantiasis and onchocerciasis, commonly referred to as filariasis. Moreover, heartworm disease, caused by another Wolbachia-containing nematode, is another mosquito-borne disease that has significant importance in the veterinary field.

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